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Autumn Apple Picking

I love autumn.

And yeah, I know, I know - its that basic girl cliché - "OMG PSL season and cozy sweaters!!"

But here's the thing- 1. I don't drink coffee, so pumpkin spice lives only in baked goods and occasionally whisky (yeah, whisky) for me and 2. Cozy sweaters are the knitted manifestation of your mama's warm hugs and you know it. So stop raining on the PSL/sweater parade.

Autumn makes me want to listen to jazz, go on long walks, read gothic historical fiction and bake anything and everything that has apples in it.

In all my years of loving autumn and collecting sweaters, though, I've never partaken in that traditional fall outing of apple picking. So, when October hit, and my friend Bridget and I started talking about how fall makes us want to watch You've Got Mail and Little Women on repeat while eating warm apple crisp, we decided to make a plan to pick apples.

Taves Family Farm was a fixture in my childhood for as long as I remember. First, it was the spot for our annual great Halloween pumpkin search. Home of muddy boots, hay rides, and frozen fingers working to pick out the perfect carving pumpkin. The Apple Barn, was also a spot for school field trips where I remember petting the goats when they weren't running above us on the "goat bridge" and running through the hayloft, which used to have a zip line and was the greatest maze of hay, ladders, and slides a kid could ask for. I knew that it would be the place to go apple picking and spend a day, and bonus - now that we're oder, there's a new cidery!

The day we picked had forecasted rain, but when Bridget and I met up in the morning, the sky was a beautiful mosaic of clouds, just beginning to part for what promised to be a bright, clear, and crisp day- my favourite kind of weather this time of year.

We made our way slowly through the farm, past greenhouses and down rows of apple trees weighed down with fresh Jonagold apples, the previous evening's raindrops glistening in the morning sunshine. We both filled bags with apples, and then went back to the farm for lunch, cider, and goat-petting.

And, of course, I brought my camera along to document the day. Here's a photographic recap!

And now, ending the day with a cider tasting! My favourites were the Blackcurrant and Gooseberry, both of which came home with me!


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