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Canadian Imaging 2019

I kicked off my spring this year with a trip to Montreal for PPOC’s Canadian Imaging Conference, and what a kickoff it was!

Aside from seeing so many of my wonderful photography friends from across the country, the week was filled with amazing speakers covering everything from photographing bugs and snowflakes, to weddings and inspiration.

I always get excited around conventions. There’s a certain buzz in the air that makes me eager to create. I leave feeling re-fuelled, inspired and ready to get to it, and this year was no exception. I even did some creating while there with my very fun and talented roommates, Jamie Poh and Vanessa Fukuyama. The convention was at the airport hotel, and we hadn’t left the hotel in three

days so we took advantage of the beautiful weather to play across the way on the parkade roof!

I had to laugh when Jerry Ghionis started his talk on the final day by telling us he would make us laugh and cry by the end of the day. I chuckled along with everyone else in the room, thinking “sure, okay”. Cut to me, 6 hours later, sitting in the back of the room wiping mascara from my cheeks. He. Meant. Business. And it was good.

I filled almost 10 pages of my notebook and went through them when I got home to pick out things I really wanted to remember. Here are just a few.

Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. Try new things.

Create better, not more.

“Feed your soul, not your mouth.” – Jerry Ghionis

If you want to be a better photographer, be a better person.

Then it was time for the awards banquet, which is always such a great night celebrating our peers’ accomplishments and hearing who won photographer of the year, best in class, and seeing all the beautiful imagery from the 2019 salon. I am so proud to be part of an association with so much talent and camaraderie, and it was a big surprise and a great honour to be awarded something myself!

I received the Gail Gold Award for Volunteer Excellence for my work at the Canadian Imaging Conference last year in Vancouver. It means a lot to me to be recognized for my volunteering, and even more so to have my name on an award that carries Gail Gold’s name. Gail served PPOC for years organizing the conferences, and she was there at my first national conference in 2015. I came to Niagara Falls from Vancouver, still a student at Langara, and she put me to work. She always knew the answer to every question, and always had things that needed to be done. That is where I met so many of the people who I am lucky to call my friends now! Thank you, Gail.

See you all next year in Saskatoon (a very desirable location)!

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