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I’ve known Catherine since kindergarten, which is something I always think is crazy to be able to say, despite the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to stay in touch with a number of people I’ve known for that many years. We’ve been talking about doing a little photoshoot for awhile and we finally got the opportunity on a sunny afternoon at the beginning of July.

We met at my apartment and started walking towards a nearby park, the sun still shining but dipping lower and lower, starting to turn that golden yellow-orange colour that makes photographers absolutely swoon.

Between photo stops, we caught up and chatted about the ‘where are they now’ of our high school graduating class, pausing to laugh a little here, catch some light there, then moving on to the next space that caught our eyes.

On our walk back, the light had dipped behind some trees and there was a beautiful soft dusk but not-quite-dark light lingering around us. Here we caught a last few frames before heading home.


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