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Fashion Accreditation

As an emerging fashion photographer in Vancouver, I am proud to announce that earlier this year, I received my accreditation in Fashion Photography from the Professional Photographers of Canada!

The process for entering this involves choosing 10 images that follow the PPOC guidelines for this category: "Ten different images of ten different models in ten separate photo sessions for use in advertising, catalogues, magazines, etc., not solely as editorial entertainment or as a portrait of the model. This category is intended to show the photographer’s ability to produce images that sell ideas and/or products such as clothing, jewelry, make-up, etc. Must include full length, 3/4, and head and shoulders."

So, I combed through my archives from the past few years, gathered up 10 images (with the help of some of my wonderful mentors), and submitted. I figured some of them would get accepted, and some not, which would mean I would re-assess and re-submit a few at the next deadline. But, a few weeks after submitting them, I received a pleasant surprise in my email with the news that all had been accepted!

Below are the 10 images that earned me this designation, followed by the press release. I'm very proud of this and newly inspired to start creating even more fashion-focused content (once #quarantine is over, of course!).

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