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First Rain

Have you ever heard the rain start to fall? It’s a beautiful sound, and one of my favourite things in the world. Here’s how it goes:

You’ve just crawled into bed and it’s a little cooler outside than it has been lately so you get out an extra blanket, which you pull up around your chin and sink into the warmth and comfort. You’re just starting to doze off when you hear it. It’s so quiet outside at this hour that you can hear the slightest disturbance on the spruce branches outside. One. Two. Three. They get closer together and you can feel the air changing, charging with the sudden arrival of sound where just moments before was midnight quiet. Then, all of a sudden, the sound increases until it’s constant and you get used to it quicker than you thought you ever could. Soon, seamlessly it becomes no more than white noise to lull you to sleep.

The first time it really rained back in September after the dry summer we had, I was awake for it. I actually threw my covers off, opened my balcony door, and stood with my head hanging over the railing so I could feel the drops. It felt so cleansing after the dryness of the summer and it was magical.

(I’m teaching myself how to make cinemagraphs again, so here’s one)

#trees #balcony #rain #green #cinemagraph


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