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Mystery Manor

“Your presence is requested at Mystery Manor for an evening filled with murder and mystery in order to commemorate the death of the late millionaire, Rick A. Rochester.

Among Rick’s dying wishes, he wanted his will reading to be a party thrown in his honor to gather together those most important in his life. Between Rick’s eccentric ex-wife to his spying servants and the provocative pool boy, it seems that everyone has a chance of inheriting a piece of this millionaire’s estate.

As one of Rick’s closest con dants or family members, it is your help that is needed to piece together the mystifying death of Mr. Rochester, and to avoid being the victim of yet another murder as you attend his will reading.

Use caution in considering your involvement in this gathering, for as likely as it is that you will walk away with a great deal of inheritance, you are also just as likely not to walk out at all!”

And so, the evening begins… who will inherit the fortune? Will we ever find out who Mr. Rochester’s murderer was? What mysteries await us in the corrupt and rumour-laden household? Who will solve the mystery? Oh, and one more thing…

Who is best-dressed?

Neal Worthers

Adam Nichol, Katherine Rochester

Michael Rochester, Officer Welsh

Adam Nichol

Jasmine Rochester

Sam Cook

Jessica Rochester, Fabio Fabulous

Bobby Bucks

Bobby Bucks


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