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New Year, New Things

I’ve always liked New Years. Besides the fact that I love getting all dolled up and celebrating with my friends, I relish the opportunity to look back on the past year and make a list of goals for the year to come. When I look back on last years’ goals, I see some that I succeeded in (woohoo!) and some that need to be carried over to this year once again. Setting goals is important, but staying true to them and not forgetting them is even more important. Without accountability, they’re just empty promises.

And so, I write my goals for 2018 here in no particular order to keep myself accountable and because if you say them out loud (or post them in public), you’re more likely to do them, right?

  1. Shoot more personal work.

  2. Make ideas come to life, rather than sit on a page in a notebook.

  3. Learn more about light and how to shape it better.

  4. Cook more at home and try new recipes.

  5. Spend more time outside- it’s good for you.

  6. Drink more water.

  7. Travel somewhere new in Canada.

  8. Shoot more black and white film and make use of your darkroom.

  9. Read more, internet less.

  10. Get more comfortable with quoting jobs. (Accurately and fairly)

  11. Take ballroom dancing lessons.

  12. Make the dang gym membership worth. Improve your cardio.

  13. Share more of the images you take. (I shot so many cool things and with so many beautiful people in 2017 and never showed you any of it- that needs to change.)

  14. Look into a print shop online- what would that look like? what are the logistics?

  15. Try new foods.

  16. Go swing dancing more- it’s a happy place.

  17. Remember to water the plants and get some more.

  18. Be better at responding to messages, emails, texts, etc. When you see it, RESPOND. (sorry to everybody I forgot to reply to last year. I’m really bad at this)

  19. Three week delivery deadline (max) for jobs.

  20. Tell people when they look good. Pay more compliments to strangers and friends alike.

  21. Don’t get frustrated so easily. Take a breath, deal with it, move on.

  22. Watch more old movies.

  23. Work harder on creating relationships with clients, rather than them just coming and going.

  24. Do a tutorial/watch an instructional video a week. Never stop learning.

  25. Stop waiting for things to fall into your lap- be proactive and go get it.

Wishing you all a prosperous and wonderful New Year full of love, laughter, and fulfillment. Big ideas, beautiful places, and great food and wine to you and yours.


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