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So… I'm Blogging Now?

This is new. This is weird. Well, not totally weird, because this isn’t really my first kick in the can, but it is a bit strange.

Here’s the deal: I’ve been having this problem recently wherein I have shot SO much content in the form of personal projects this summer, but I never quite feel like they’re quite “done”. So they just sit there. On my hard drive. Taking up space.

I have a hard time posting multiple things from the same shoot on Instagram (maybe because my Instagram is a hodge-podge ofpersonal and work-related things, something I’m not planning on changing anytime soon) and have an even harder time posting a gallery to Facebook. Partly because Facebook privacy terrifies me, and partly just because it seems somehow less definite.

I also really enjoy writing and sharing my process with people. (Ask me about any fun shoot I’ve been on, I can talk for hours – I dare you to ask about this day from when I did my practicum in New York City in January of last year. Unf.)

I’m not going to make this a “thing”, with a posting schedule or promises of COOL NEW THINGS COMING SOON or whatever. I just want it to be a fun outlet for my creative self. And so that’s what it shall be.

So here’s to seeing more of my work and sharing some of the cool things I get to do with this job.

Milky Way Galaxy over Jones Lake, August 23

Milky Way Galaxy over Jones Lake, August 23



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