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The Forest Queen

I've always liked Halloween.

I love the process of putting together a costume- the building, shopping, and trying-on to get that perfect fit. I was blessed with a mother who sews (now professionally for film and TV!), so I almost always had a custom hand-made costume. From witches, to cats, to a Nerds box (yes, really), she always had my back.

Dressing up for Halloween is such a fun and weird tradition. You get to be someone else for the night- a wizard, a skeleton, a mime, a showgirl. It's an opportunity to step outside your "normal" life and be something extraordinary.

Here's the thing about me though- I really hate scary things. Like, the scariest movie/tv show I've ever seen is an episode of Doctor Who (I still have nightmares about the Empty Child, and whenever I see a light flickering I can't help but look over my shoulder for the Silence). When we were younger, one of my best friends tried in vain to get me to go with her to every haunted house and Fright Night, and my dad likes to tell a story of the time he took me to a haunted house and I basically ran straight through the whole thing.

That whole adrenaline rush people say they get from scary things? Soooooo not my jam.

But witches and magic, dark beauty and roasted pumpkin seeds from carved pumpkins around the spooky holiday season- definitely my jam.

Which is why when Brianna, a model I photographed earlier in the year, reached out to me at the beginning of October and asked if I wanted to do a Halloween-inspired collaboration centred around this beautiful crown she had ordered, I said heck yes!

We made a plan, found a wonderful makeup artist, got the outfit together, and met up one Friday evening in Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver to shoot.

Step with me now into the world of The Forest Queen.....

She treads softly through the forest, twilight filtering through the trees casting shadows on her path. Lighting her lantern she works her way around lush ferns, towering evergreen trees, and blackberry bushes turning brown from the recent dip in temperature. A Mona-Lisa smile on her lips, she pauses and closes her eyes, breathing the clean forest air into her lungs. But then *crack* she hears a noise in the shadows. Glancing over her shoulder only for a moment, she holds her lantern aloft and walks towards the sound....

Model: Brianna Diogo

MUA: Harriet from Planet Pixie Artistry


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