Things to do in Quarantine (That Are Not Work)

Hey friends.

How are you doing? Yeah, me too.

It truly feels like the world changed overnight. People are working from home, gas prices are under $1/L, and Venice’s canals have run clear for the first time in as long as anyone seems to remember.

I’m stuck at home for the foreseeable future, as are so many people around the world. Now here’s the thing. This whole deal is like heaven on earth for the introverts of the world. They’re out here soaking it all up like, “Y-you want me to stay home??” They’ve been training for this their whole lives.

Me? I’m an extrovert. This is slowly killing me. So, here are some of my favourite boredom-busting things to do when I’m stuck at home and inevitably run out of work to do (or just don’t feel like being productive, because really, not everybody needs to compose the next great symphony during this thing. Give yourself a break and have some fun!

1. Go for a walk – that’s right, just because we’re #socialdistancing, doesn’t mean you have to stay INSIDE the whole time. I’ve been going on walks around the lake near my place and learning about the different flowers and plants I pass (and taking photos of them!). Vitamin D is important in these weird times- in fact, I’m writing this on my balcony in the afternoon sunshine. Get. Outside.

Forsythia from the bushes outside my apartment.

2. Read – that stack of books that’s been on your nightstand for months? Yeah, it’s time to work your way through it. Favourite spots for reading include: In the sun in your backyard or local park, in a bubble bath, or cuddled up with your cat/dog/kid/glass of wine on the couch.

3. Netflix watch parties with friends– This one is a game changer for the other extroverts out there. A Netflix Watch Party is a Chrome plugin that allows you to invite people to your virtual party, and you can all watch the movie at the same time and chat in the chat box alongside it. It’s magical and fantastic and I highly recommend it.

4. Start listening to (and maybe finish!) a new podcast – podcasts are great because you can listen to them while you do other stuff (i.e. vacuum, work, walk, cook, lay on the floor, etc). A few of my faves:

  1. The Anthropocene Reviewed

  2. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

  3. Lore

  4. Stuff You Should Know

4. Sporcle – weird name, AMAZING website. This is honestly probably my number one favourite time waster/not time waster, ever. It’s full of fun quizzes to keep you entertained. Want to try to name all the countries in the world in 12 minutes? How about the top 200 characters in Harry Potter? Those and so. much. more.

5. Geoguessr – This game uses Google Street view to put you in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the world, and you have to “walk” around and try to guess where you are in the world. It’s an excellent time-waster for these uncertain times, and it’s kind of fun to use that geography stuff from high school that you haven’t thought about in however many years.

6. MapCrunch – Similar to Geoguessr, this game uses Google Street View to plonk you down somewhere in the world, and the object of this one is to find an airport to “escape”! Maybe you can’t travel right now, but this is close!

7. Google Arts and Culture – This is one of my favourite apps on a regular day, but it’s especially cool right now because while you can’t actually GO to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, you can tour it virtually here! You can also check out museum collections around the world on your phone or computer, and zoom in on works of art in high definition (like, you can see the paint cracking and zoom into the lace detail on this portrait of Marie Antionettewhat).

8. Online jigsaw puzzles – I love puzzles as a way to pass the time, but maybe you don’t have any – or maybe you’ve already done the ones you have! This is the site for you.

I hope that helps a little with the stir-crazies! Stay safe out there, friends.



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