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Time Machine Editorial

Oooooh baby, I've been sitting on these images since last August and I cannot wait for you to see them.

You may be asking yourself- why would a fashion photographer such as myself sit on images for that long? Well, because I had to - they were part of my first published fashion editorial in SALYSÉ Magazine! Getting published meant that these had an exclusivity ban on them, so I wasn't allowed to share the original images anywhere. Until now!

Last summer, I realized a dream shoot of mine - photographing an editorial with a classic car. And not just any classic car, but the 1969 Mustang that my dad restored when I was a kid. This car has been in my family forever. My great aunt Hilda bought it brand new off the lot in 1969 and drove it until it died, and then my dad took it and fully restored it over the span of about 10 years. That's a whole story on its own involving road trips and Mars bars for dinner, and I plan to tell it when I get some more shots of it this summer - watch this space!

But for now, we travel back to August 2020, a rainier day than anticipated, when I made this cool-girl vintage shoot happen with a little help from my friends.

You can see the full editorial online here.

Model: Georgie K. from John Casablancas

MUA/Hair: Makeup by Meaghyn

Styling: Tatiana Ross


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